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What do you need?

by Gordon Adams last modified Mar 26, 2014 05:45 PM
Beetlebrow can satisfy all your online and offline design needs. From logo design to email hosting, we do it all.

We want to take the hassle out of creating a new web site, or replacing your old one, rebranding or improving your search engine rank. We're here to fill in the gaps in your design presence, providing expertise and advice where you need it.

If you're here, it's because you need a web site and are after top quality at a good price. But there are a number of aspects to consider. On the left, there's a clickable list of the services we offer. If you're new to this and aren't sure what you need, then we've broken things down for you below...

Do you need a web site?

bb logo

If you're not sure why you're thinking about a web site in the first place, then we've tried to simplify the arguments for and against on this page. If you're just doing it because everyone else does, then it's worth reading what we've said and making up your mind before you go any further. 

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Logo and Branding

bb logo

New businesses probably need some branding. If you're a sole trader you might not want or need a logo, as a well-drawn graphic of your trading name may well be enough, but for most startups, a logo is a good place to start. We don't just do logos, though, we can help with all aspects of branding, from van decals to letterheads. 
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Copy writing

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With the logo in place, think about the content of your web site. What do you want to say? Have you already written the text? We can provide help with copy writing or editing, if you need it, with experienced copy-writers and journalists on hand to create or improve the text of your site. If you don't know what to say, then talk to us and we'll discuss how to get your message across. 
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bb photography

Web sites need visual stimulants. Some are part of the design, some are illustrative, and we can provide both as part of the design process. You may also need product shots, or staff profile shots, in which case, we can also help by providing on-location and studio photography
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Design of the site

bb design

You're here for a great looking web site, and our design processwill help you get exactly that. Once we've agreed a design, and we have the text and images for the site, we can get on and build it. 
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Domain name registration

bb domain

If you already have a domain name (your "name" on the web - ours is, we can manage it for you, or leave it in your control if you prefer. If you don't yet have a domain name, we can discuss what would be right for you, and can buy and manage it for you. 
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Site hosting options

bb hosting

We host nearly all of our web sites for our clients, so we'd usually add your site to our high speed server cluster. If you want to host the site yourself, we have installed sites on clients' infrastructure on several occasions - from load balanced Unix server clusters to single Windows-based servers. 
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Search engines

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Our web sites are built to the highest standards to be extremely search engine friendly. This means that once we've registered it with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves etc. those search engines are going to like what they find. However, there is always ongoing work we can do to help improve its position with search engines. This includes link builder campaigns, key word optimisation and pay per click campaigns. 
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Is your web site working for you?

bb statistics

You're going to want to keep an eye on how your web site is performing. Our statistics package lets you see how many people are visiting your site, which are the most and least popular pages on the site, and much more.
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 If you have any other questions, then have a look through our FAQs, or browse the rest of this section via the links at the top of the left hand column.

Contact Beetlebrow

If you're still not sure what you need, give us a call on 01980 556432 or use our enquiries form here and we'll discuss all your options.

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from Geeks Education.