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by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 13, 2014 06:34 PM
Beetlebrow can set up email redirects, host POP3 mailboxes for you, set up MX records to point to your Exchange Server or however your email has to be arranged

When you have a new web site built with its own domain, you'll probably want email addresses for that domain. If your web site is, then people will expect to be able to contact you through or

There are many ways to set up email on a domain. If you're a sole trader or an SME, the best solution is often to set up a POP3 mailbox for each person in your organisation that needs email. We will then create the email addresses with your domain, and make sure they point to the right mailbox.

If you're a larger organisation, POP3 mailboxes might still be the best solution, but often a separate mailserver (running Exchange or some other backoffice software) is better. We can then point the mail records for your domain to that mailserver, which delivers the mail to the right internal mailboxes.

If you previously had a web site at the same address, you may well already have your email set up. Alternatively you might need it to be redone, if it was run by your previous web design company.

Whatever your previous or existing email set-up, or if you have no email set up yet, we can advise you as to the best, most robust and cheapest solution, which will fulfill the email needs of your company.

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