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Eye catching design

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 13, 2014 05:44 PM
Beetlebrow web sites look fantastic, and come with a powerful content management system built-in. Our flexible design process puts you in control so you end up with a web site you love, at a price you like

We make great looking web sites. If you haven't already, check out our portfolio and see for yourself. We've got large corporate sites, medium-sized businesses, sole traders, and weird and wonderful media sites in there, and all of them are designed to the very highest standards.

Everyone wants an attractive, professional design, but some people need a business-like appearance, and others need a more creative approach. Some companies want to spend time looking at different design options, with a lot of input into the evolution of the design from initial idea to finished product. Others want to be guided to a swift and professional design conclusion, with as little fuss as possible.

Whatever your requirements, our flexible approach to the design process means you'll get what you want at the right price. Tell us what approach you'd like to take, and we'll tailor the process to your needs.

Only what you need

Most clients come to us with a certain amount of branding already in place, and often with a very strong corporate identity. In these cases, we'll take the logo, company colours and any other existing branding, plus design suggestions and use them to create a design, or series of designs, which draws on and complements the material supplied.

Start-ups or companies looking to rebrand often ask us to include logo design and branding in their design package. In these cases, the logo and corporate identity comes first and the web site design comes from that.

If you need a quick result which looks great, then we can quickly supply an attractive design with a distinctive look and feel. If you want the reassurance of an open-ended process, with as much input from you as you need, then we're happy to oblige.

For more information on our design approach, visit our prices page.

Whichever approach is right for you, our eye catching web design will

  • Provide your business with a confident professional and impressive brand

  • Help persuade potential customers that you have the products or services that they require

  • Allow visitors to find the information and services they want, quickly

  • Help grow your business, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


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