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by Darrell Kingsley last modified Feb 09, 2016 12:35 PM
Beetlebrow web sites are generally hosted in our dedicated hosting environment, although we can deploy sites on your own servers if you prefer

Beetlebrow web sites are hosted on our own dedicated multiprocessor server cluster to provide high levels of availability and performance. The servers themselves are located in the Lumison data centre, just outside Edinburgh. This is a modern purpose-built carrier-grade, secure environment, manned 24 hours a day with excellent levels of uptime and performance. Beetlebrow web sites are showing 99.99% availability over the last 24 months, so you can rest assured that your web site will always be up and running. 

All hosting includes DNS services, email routing, primary domain hosting, a generous web space allocation and monthly bandwidth allowance. For more details on our hosting packages, see our main prices page.

Beetlebrow uses the Apache web server as the front end server for all our web sites. For maximum speed, our content managed Plone web sites are cached and served as static HTML pages by the caching server Squid. Both Apache and Squid are recognized as industry leaders in terms of web site reliability and performance.

Our CMS is based on the award winning portal software, Plone. Plone is layered is layered on the Zope Application server, a highly scalable product that uses the market leading object oriented language Python and ZoDB, a high performance object oriented database. 


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