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Domain name registration

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 13, 2014 05:46 PM
Beetlebrow can take care of all the paperwork when it comes to domain registration and management for your web site name

Web sites has addresses like The bit after the "www" is called the domain, and it's this that you buy to identify your company or organisation on the web.

While it's not difficult to register and maintain your own domain, we can help by registering it for you and managing the web, email and other parts of the domain. If you prefer, we can help you set up your own account with a domain services provider such as Fasthosts (that's who we use) so you can control the domain yourself.

With our wide experience of the web, we can also help you decide which domain or domains it's worth buying. Sometimes it can be worth buying several versions of the same domain to protect your brand and to catch more people trying to find you on the web, but sometimes there's little point.


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