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by Gordon Adams last modified Aug 15, 2014 10:52 AM
An overview of our charges and rates.
"Time is money" Benjamin Franklin
There will always be cheaper website development solutions but most of these will be overseas. We are here in the UK and always available on phone (or Skype) should you need our help or advice.

Our pricing strategy at Beetlebrow is very simple. We have a day rate of £400 (or £50 per hour) which is very competitive for a UK-based design agency.


Everything depends on how long we will take to do the job. So if we estamiate that we will spend 2 days designing and then 3 days building your site then the quotation will be for £2000. However. if circumstances arise that means it will take more time (or less time) than anticipated then we do reserve the right to vary the price. However this variation will always be agreed in advance with you. Examples of this would be if additional functionality or complexity was uncovered during development, or if the amount of content to be created ended up being more than anticipated.


This rate not only applies to website development design and programming but also to other services such as photography, logo design and printing. The only rule is that the minimum charge is for a half-day and that reasonable expenses maybe applicable (always with your prior consent).


We build sites using the Plone Content Management System or with Wordpress. Either way you can easily keep them up to date by adding content on a regular basis. If however you require further work on the site or for some reason would like us to manage content on your behalf then the rate is slightly higher at £65 per hour, however if you buy 10 hours or more of maintenance credits (in advance) then the hourly rate drops back down to £50.


For smaller sites we charge £200 per annum (£16.66 per month) which allows for 5GBs per month network bandwidth and up to 0.5GB databases.

For larger sites Tier II annual costs are £500 (£41.66 per month) for 10GBs per month bandwidth and 1GB databases.

Hosting is charged 12 months in advance.

In excess of Tier II additional resources cost £50 per annum for each 2GB/month bandwidth allocation and £15 per annum for each 250MB database size increment. These additions are invoiced in arrears when use is known.

Database size is calculated using Zope export and includes any external blob storage for files and images.
Network bandwidth is normally determined using the average over the previous 12 months. Exceptions may apply when there are periods of abnormally high bursts in volumes.

For hosting we require a 30 days cancellation notice period and payments are non-refundable.

BB DIAMONDThe cost of a website is perfectly reflected in the amount of time it takes to create.

Therefore it will often be difficult to estimate this without knowing the full brief. We do however, produce very competitively priced solutions and can usually find a solution that will suit most budgets. We pride ourselves in making every one of our sites a true beetlebrow site with CMS, responsiveness and experience to match.

To help us, we develop new gadgets and bespoke components that enable us to continue to work competitively and produce great looking sites.