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by Darrell Kingsley last modified Apr 23, 2014 11:54 PM

BB S MOREWe build what we call is a base site where you get all of the excellent stuff you need to use the website. Then you may need to add in a few extra bits of functionality for it to really work for you.

+More could be:

A blog is a fantastic way of sharing interesting finds and snippets of news, surely a must for all websites
Social Networking
That all important link to the very real world of social networks, or even embedded feeds on your site.
We can provide various embedded Google maps or provide a bespoke map to suit your own style.
Document store
A repository for storing or sharing those useful pdfs or documents.
Embedding video from You Tube or Vimeo.
Slide shows
An effective way of communicating various messages to your audience while entertaining at the same time.
Easy to use and necessary to organise those millions of photos we take.
RSS feeds
Plugged in and ready to go, for those who want their news up to the minute.
Stunning photography is at the soul of a great site, we love photography and if we can't take it ourselves we'll find someone who can.
Infographics are essential in today's market for displaying big ideas.
Email Accounts
Everybody needs one but they can be fiddly to set up, so we can help.
The black art of Search Engine honing, there are varying levels to suit.
Corporate Identity
The whole caboodle, from logos, website, stationery to signs and branding, we have the power.

You may as well only pay for what you need.

BB DIAMONDThe cost of a website is perfectly reflected in the amount of time it takes to create.

Therefore it will often be difficult to estimate this without knowing the full brief. We do however, produce very competitively priced solutions and can usually find a solution that will suit most budgets. We pride ourselves in making every one of our sites a true beetlebrow site with CMS, responsiveness and experience to match.

To help us, we develop new gadgets and bespoke components that enable us to continue to work competitively and produce great looking sites.