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by Darrell Kingsley last modified Apr 23, 2014 09:53 PM

BB BOO DEVELOPWe building websites using our very powerful dynamic Plone system. Plone is an open source platform developed by thousands of people all around the globe and the underlying system is based on the famous Python language. But all that's enough too put anyone to sleep so let's say that once the site is looking great and up and running your content can be edited easily and at any time you wish. It also means that the site can be infinitely scaled which allows it to grow as you do. We can also add in extra functionality at a later stage, as required, whatever you company needs. We have made stock taking systems through to networking hubs.

Having previously guided you through the design process and establishing the perfect look and feel of the website that compliments your branding, we now translate it into real working code by hand and merge it into our content managed system for you to use.

If you're really not sleepy and want to know more about the development platform you'll be pleased to know its consists of

In Plone these consist of a mixture of the more usual web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS topether with TAL. TAL or Template Attribute Language controls the way that web pages are rendered, dynamically inserting content from the underlying database.
Scripts are used to provide additional functionality beyond the scope of templates. Scripts are written using Python, a very popular language.
Using whats the Object Oriented capability of Python, Views and Viewlets are special objects that Zope and Plone use to render parts of the page on a web site and enable more complex data structures and functionality with maximum performance and efficiency.
Zope Database
Non binary content data such as text and metadata (information about the data) is stored in the underlying Zope Object Database. Zope is the platform of choice and serves as a very powerful application server for building web applications. Plone is really an application that has been developed for Zope.
In a recent upgrade Zope improved it support for Images and Files which are more affectionately known as blobs (binary large objects) by providing a special external storage mechanism which uses the computer's file system to improve performance greatly.
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BB DIAMONDThe cost of a website is perfectly reflected in the amount of time it takes to create.

Therefore it will often be difficult to estimate this without knowing the full brief. We do however, produce very competitively priced solutions and can usually find a solution that will suit most budgets. We pride ourselves in making every one of our sites a true beetlebrow site with CMS, responsiveness and experience to match.

To help us, we develop new gadgets and bespoke components that enable us to continue to work competitively and produce great looking sites.