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Pin Plone product version in buildout

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 13, 2014 12:56 PM
This is how you can create a buildout.cfg which gives you a repeatable Plone set-up with no unplanned upgrades.

First thing to do is to prevent buildout looking for the latest version of all products, which is what it does by default. Add the following:

newest = false

You can also add

index =

Which is a simpler and faster index than cheeseshop.

Caution - it may not have everything on it ie no distribution found for collective.recipe.backup==2.2. Commented this (and newest) out and it worked fine...

In your buildout section, you need to create a link to a [versions] section where you can pin your product versions:

versions = versions

 First, pin the Plone version, which will also pin all the main dependencies, including CMFPlone and Zope, as follows (or whichever Plone version):

plone.recipe.plone = 4.0.5

Then run the following script to find out which of your product versions aren't pinned but are picked by buildout:

bin/buildout -Novvvvv |sed -ne 's/^Picked: //p' | sort | uniq

This returns a list of products and versions e.g.

plone.recipe.zope2instance = 1.3
python-openid = 2.0.1
setuptools = 0.6c7

Just copy these into your new versions section and that's it, your buildout versions are pinned. You can now rerun this in any new install and get the same versions.

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