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Plone and Zope

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 13, 2014 06:36 PM
Beetlebrow's CMS is based on Plone. For a little more detailed information about this fantastic technology, read on...

Our content management system is built using the open-source Zope Application server and Plone CMS technology. This is world-class web technology which is deployed by many organisations around the world, from Non-Profit Organisations such as Oxfam and the Church of England, to large corporate ecommerce and scientific establishments such as Nokia, Lufthansa, eBay and NASA. More recently, Novell ( and even the CIA ( joined the ranks of organisations that use Plone. Zope and Plone products are distributed under open source licensing and are being developed and supported by hundreds of users, technical authors and programmers all over the world.

Zope is a next-generation Open Source application server and web site development tool kit which provides a powerful sophisticated object oriented environment in which to build and maintain state of the art dynamic web sites and is a prerequisite for Plone which is itself a Zope Application.

Plone can be viewed as a toolbox which provides powerful content management and web site design facilities as well as many other features that may be used at some point in the future to enhance web site infrastructure with features designed from the ground-up to provide powerful intranet capabilities such as a solid workflow engine, a wiki, role-based membership, support for RSS, and a dynamic search engine. Plone is also extensible with several ready for use products, modules and plug-ins including blogs, e-learning, forums and internationalisation which may be adapted to meet future requirements.

Plone web pages are by default compliant with the WAI AA rating for accessibility, in addition to using best-practice web standards like XHTML and CSS, which has the added benefits of being very search engine friendly and cross browser compatible.

More information is available at the Zope web and Plone web site

Look here for a list of Plone 3 features. Plone 3 is the latest release.

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