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Who we are

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Apr 25, 2014 05:17 PM

Beetlebrow is a compact team of smart, nice and very friendly people who enjoy what they do. A lively mixture of developer/techie types and trendy designers bring a wealth of experience gathered over many joyful years working in the busy industry of paper and digital publishing. We are based in the South and the South West of the UK with our offices near Plymouth, Salisbury and Winchester/Guildford.

Because we take such pride in our projects we hand code as much as possible, we find this is the only way to produce truly beautiful and fully optimised code and therefore websites of lasting high quality.




Liaising with a designer here at Beetlebrow you'll be on a rewarding journey seeking out what you need and how you'd like it to look. Our job then is to produce a design that reflects this goal. Suggested solutions will be presented and tweaked until the vision in your head is realised or exceeded. Our experience spans over twenty years in graphic and digital design, so we're pretty good at interpreting a brief and expanding an idea to see where it can go.



We always code by hand and are busy creating new tools to make further coding cleaner and quicker. This is only possible from the culmination of years of diligent experimentation and shed loads of patience. A tireless dedication to the art of making what is actually quite technical seem, well, pretty straight forward is really nothing short of remarkable.



Years of working hard with sun servers instead of being in the open air, catching rays, has taught us a few things about looking after our databases and hardware. We like to have it all secure and safely backed up so you are left to just enjoy the warm glow of your new website without any worries.