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Global Art Supplies

by Darrell Kingsley last modified Mar 12, 2014 09:34 PM

Global Art Supplies needed a contemporary and urban site to showcase its sympathetic approach to the art materials brand names that is supplies to shops and chains throughout the UK.

The redesign of the Global Art Supplies web site had two main goals. One was to give the site a more "street" edge, as befits one of the biggest supplies of spray paints and other materials from Golden and others in the UK. Secondly the site needed to offer a load of new functionality, both to the shops that are Global Art Supplies' customers, and to the general public who buy artist's materials from those shops.

For the shops there is a brand and ranges section, and the interactive 3D Issue catalogue. There is also a password protected extranet containing hundreds of product images in a selection of useful sizes for the shops to use in their own marketing efforts. For the public there is the interactive store finder map, which uses the power of Google maps to allow people to find their nearest art store, and even to show to stockists of individual brands.

In addition we created a bespoke sponsorship and advertising system which allows individual suppliers to place and advert on brand pages and the brand-filtered maps pages, so the public know that they stock these brands.

Global Art Supplies